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Our Present

Simply Solutions, Inc. is a team of professionals with over 90 years combined experience in support services areas. Our team members all possess a strong desire to have a positive impact on our clients.  The satisfaction of a job well done is important to each of us.  One of our greatest strengths is our experience, both in these fields as well as working together as a team. We have extensive knowledge of the support services functions, easily adapt to change, have the confidence we can help our clients, have the ability to generate new ideas and are extremely trustworthy. 


Our business is a mix between outsourcing services and consulting. Our up-front planning and methodical implementation of new services and products allows us to deliver the superior service that is the basis for our strong client relationships.

Although we are a relatively young corporation, the partners have the unique experience of working together at various levels throughout each of their 25+ year careers at a locally owned successful company.  Since we all started at the ground level and worked our way up to the executive level, we possess experience throughout an organization, as well as our educations and continuing education throughout the past 25 years.


Our History


In November, 2009, Martin Tractor (then our employer), was sold to Foley Industries, our neighboring Caterpillar dealer.  Though not retained by Foley, the three of us continued on for a couple of months to close the original corporation. During that time, prompted by the opportunities Marcia Durkes saw during a job interview with a prospective employer, we discussed the idea of starting a company of our own using the skills and knowledge we accumulated during our careers. 

After completing the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce/Go Topeka First Step FastTrac® 12 week program, doing a lot of reasearch, talking with several CEO's of different companies in the Topeka area, and discussing this venture with our past employer, another business owner and several other individuals from SCORE, Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce/Go Topeka, our attorney and our accountant, we opened our doors on July, 1, 2010.

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